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Motorcycle passenger loses arm in Cozumel street accident

Cozumel, Q.R. — A female motorcycle passenger lost an arm after a weekend bike accident. An ambulance was called after the driver of the bike lost control and skidded, hitting trees and metal road signs along the way.

At the scene of the accident, Municipal Police of Cozumel found an unconscious minor who was the female passenger. They found the motorcycle upright in the central median with a leaking gas tank. While investigating the leak, they found an arm that belonged to the female passenger, who was rushed to hospital.

They also located the male driver, also reported to be a minor. He did not appear to have any major injuries, however, he too, was taken to a hospital, but under police custody.

Since both were minors, the young man’s father and young woman’s mother were requested at the accident scene by police.