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More action required to fight criminal cells in south says municipal head

Chetumal, Q.R. — The municipal president of Othón P. Blanco says that with the arrival of criminal groups in south, more action is required by National Guard personnel.

Othoniel Segovia Martínez, Presidente Municipal de Othón P. Blanco says that they have noticed the arrival of criminal groups in both the state’s capital city of Chetumal as well as in Bacalar. He says that these groups are responsible for the increase in crimes such as homicides and that more action is required by the National Guard.

He added that other crimes such as property damage and extortion threats, especially toward Ejido authorities in the Rio Hondo riverbank area, have increased due to criminal cells, who he says, have reportedly charged as much as 30,000 peso per month to ensure “security”.

Segovia Martínez acknowledges that citizens are vulnerable to insecurity “and there are no longer time for police action only, but that society’s participation is required.”

The issue is not easy because crime has grown especially when it comes to home robberies “and it is said, although it has not been proven, that in some places there is collusion between police and criminals and that must be fought,” he said.

He clarified that there is coordination between the levels of federal, state and municipal governments, but that more needs to be done.