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Monterrey man wanted on numerous real estate fraud charges arrested in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — On Monday, Emilio N was arrested in Playa del Carmen by ministerial agents after authorities issued a Mexico Platform red notice for his capture.

On August 8, Emilio N was arrested as he left the Judicial Court building where he made an appearance on another matter. While outside the building, he was taken into custody on accusations of dispossession of land and forgery of property titles in the municipalities of Tulum and Solidaridad.

Local reports say he was arrested along with his lawyer, Rufino N, who is accused of falsify the property titles through his notary.

The accusations that landed both men in handcuffs stems from a local 56-year-old business man and a property deal worth five million peso that went bad. Local media also report several other similar legal complaints against Emilio N that involve the dispossession of properties through the fabrication of deeds.

There are additional allegations that Emilio N, who is from Monterrey, had an outstanding arrest warrant in his home state of Nuevo León. During his Playa del Carmen arrest, authorities also seized his car.

Earlier this week, Jalisco businessman Luis Oswaldo N ended up taking his own life after his decades-long real estate scam began to unravel. Before committing suicide, he videoed a confession where he admitted his scam of 30 years got out of control.

He killed himself on the heels of his arrest after former clients began filing criminal complaints against him with the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office. In his video, he confessed that all the money acquired in investments was in mortgaged real estate.

He also said that since the pandemic, he could no longer cover the debts he had acquired due to being over mortgaged. More than 130 clients were reportedly affected by his real estate investment scams. He took his life August 6.