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Military stumbles upon 18 bricks of washed up cocaine on Tulum’s Punta Piedra

Tulum, Q.R. — Earlier this week, military personnel patrolling the coast of Quintana Roo located a washed up bundle of cocaine. It is one of nearly 200 found along state shores this month alone.

This recent finding in Tulum was reported by the Secretariat of the Navy who said they found 18 bricks. The wrapped bricks were located on a municipal beach Wednesday, however, it wasn’t until Friday that they made the discovery public.

According to their statement, personnel made the finding “during terrestrial surveillance patrol tours on the coastline on Playa Punta Piedra, sighting a sack which contained 18 brick-type packages wrapped in black tape.”

Inside, personnel confirmed the presence of cocaine. In total, the bricks weighed just over 18.5 kilos. This latest finding brought the month’s total of washed up cocaine bricks to 174 along the Quintana Roo coast.