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Mexico deports Argentinian to face drug smuggling charges

Mexico City, Mexico — An Argentinian man located in Mexico wanted by Argentinian authorities has been extradited. The General Attorney of the Republic (FGR) has sent Carlos “F” back to Argentina to face drug related charges.

“A person of Argentine nationality required by the National Economic Criminal Court Number 11 in said Nation, for the crime of attempted smuggling to import a narcotic substance that, due to its quantity, would be unequivocally intended for sale,” has been extradited.

According to the FGR, in March of 2019, Carlos “F”, tried to import methamphetamine and ecstasy into Argentine territory, in two bottles. He arrived at Ezeiza International Airport, Ministro Pistarini, Argentina, on a flight from Brussels, Belgium.

Carlos “F” was located and detained in Mexico City in 2021. Subsequently, the Government of Mexico granted his extradition to the Government of the Republic of Argentina.