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Mexico and U.S. discuss drugs, cross border violence and gangs

Mexico City, Mexico — A meeting between Mexico and the U.S. lead to agreements on the issues of synthetic drugs, cross border violence and gang generation.

Secretary Rosa Icela lead the meeting of high level security talks. “There were agreements and comments on some of the issues that are already being worked on, others are new proposals,” she reported after the meeting.

“We agreed to reinforce the work to prevent the use of synthetic drugs, especially fentanyl, with campaigns to prevent young people from falling into addictions and prioritize the causes that generate violence with universal social programs, so that the population, especially young people, have options for development and growth.

“Also, to get to the bottom of the origin of the chemical precursors. We reiterate the issue of monitoring chemical precursors, since Mexico is not a producer of fentanyl, it is a transit country and no laboratories dedicated to it have been detected in the country,” she said.

She also highlighted a proposed coalition.“The important thing that Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena was saying about holding a coalition, a meeting of countries that produce dual-use chemical precursors, to regulate the market, to establish controls and prevent illegal trafficking. In this way, we act in favor of the health of our people.

“This is a proposal from the Secretary of the Navy and we are going to advance the coalition that the United States currently has on this issue. We will reach an international agreement for the benefit of the population so that chemical precursors are marketed with all the rules and controls of the final destinations.

“We will also continue to pursue criminal organizations that buy, manufacture and distribute synthetic drugs,” she explained.

“Another point is Mexico’s request for support from the neighboring country to stop the illicit entry of high-powered weapons, as well as authorities of both countries being committed to combating gangs that traffic people.

“This coordinated work between our nations has the common objective of returning peace and tranquility to our communities, and this will only be possible if we work together, because we are stronger when we are in alliance, and we can be more efficient in solving the problems we face.

“Your presence here is very important, because we are neighbors, we are partners and we are allies.”