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Merida family adopts Playa del Carmen dog intentionally burned with gasoline

Merida, Yucatan — A Playa del Carmen dog that was burned by its owners has been adopted by a Merida family. The nine-month-old dog was burned after his two owners poured gasoline and lit his face on fire for eating chicken eggs.

The dog was transferred to Huellitas de Amor A.C in Merida where he received treatment for more than three months. Dog Valentin lost a eye in the incident.

The Huellitas de Amor AC foundation has reported that Valentin has been adopted by a family in Merida.

“The Huellitas de Amor AC foundation in Merida, took the case of the puppy. Although some veterinarians advised Valentin be put to sleep but the foundation did not give up and 3 months later Valentin is living another life. He has recovered and been adopted,” they posted on social media.

Valentin spent more than three months in vet care after being set on fire.
Photo: Huellitas de Amor A.C. September 30, 2023.

The foundation noted that Valentin will need medication for life to ensure his remaining eye remains functional. The cost for his recovery was paid for by pubic donations.

The two women responsible for dousing the dog in gasoline and setting him on fire were arrested. In June, the State Attorney General’s Office reported the arrests of Elsa “L” and Francisca “D”, “who are accused of allegedly injuring a canine, which suffered serious burns.”