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Mayor says Tulum will sign agreement with Secretary of Public Security

Tulum, Q.R. — Tulum’s mayor says the municipality will sign a collaboration agreement with the Secretary of Public Security, but it will not be a Single Command.

Mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal explained. “We have only taken the time to review the scope of the document very carefully, but there must be coordination, there must be collaboration,” he stressed. “That’s what it’s called. It is not a Single Command, it is a collaboration agreement between both institutions,” said the mayor.

Caamal said that during his first 15 days in government, he has already held meetings with the Secretary of Public Security Lucio Hernández to coordinate security actions for the municipality.

“A few days ago they sent us, provisionally, six patrols to reinforce what we had so now we have ten patrols circulating,” he said elaborating that 70 additional officers have already been hired in addition to the 160 the municipality already has.

He has also issued instructions to reactivate the guard booths that were closed for at least three years.

“I believe that public security is a bit complicated since the last administration, and it is taking us a little time to reactivate it and do the right things so that the safety of citizens can be guaranteed,” he said.