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Mayor says Playa del Carmen vacation rentals should be licensed

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — In order to ensure the safety of guests, the mayor of Playa del Carmen says that they are analyzing the regularization of vacation rental properties for the municipality.

Laura Beristáin Navarrete, municipal president of Solidaridad, said that they are analyzing platforms such as Airbnb so that hosts have security measures and civil protection endorsed by the local government.

“Right now, we are going to put it on Airbnb. We need to regulate them, not because we want to hurt them, but we need to be aware if they rent a house for domestic use, travelers need to have a fire extinguisher, have a review of civil protection and then a list of who they are, when they arrived,” she said.

Although the form of regulation is under analysis, they foresee that houses and/or rooms of vacation rentals would have an operating license since they are considered a business.

In Article 85 of the Solidaridad Finance Law , it says that all individuals or corporations that carry out a commercial activity must request registration in the Municipal Register of Taxpayers and process their operating license, however, to obtain the license, the applicant must be in the Federal Taxpayers Registry.

Article 86 of that Law indicates that in order to have an operating license, applicants must process proof of land use and Civil Protection authorizations.

“You have to analyze it and review it, which I say is important to regulate the people who rent a room or their house…I think there should be a license to operate,” said Laura Beristáin.