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Mayor says Cancun’s sanitary management company will stay

Cancun, Q. R. — Cancun Mayor Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña says that revoking a company’s permit is not an easy task. Her comment was made after a local business group said the city’s sanitary management company is contaminating the subsoil due to mismanagement.

Last week, a Cancun business group accused the company Pimsa of mismanagement, saying they are contaminating the subsoil and groundwater. From that, the group requested the revocation of the concession for the company in charge of Cancun’s sanitary landfill.

Sergio León Cervantes, President of the Businessmen for Quintana Roo group, asked city council to intervene and revoke the concession to the solid waste treatment and processing company, Promotora Inmobiliaria Majahual SA de CV, for non-compliance in its management and warned about the contamination they are generating to public health.

He says the company has breached the Official Mexican Standard 083, which puts public health and the environment at risk with the non-compliance of waste compaction, the dispersion of materials, the lack of waste coverage, biogas management, the lack of updating of internal manuals, operating procedures, monthly reports, monitoring of aquifers and waste separation, among others.

“We ask that they give us a date to solve it or make the change of company for a company that can really meet the requirements. It must be a company that meets the needs we have, that complies with proper management and, above all, that has the commitment to take care of this part of public health and the environment,” he said.

After the accusations, Peralta said revoking the concession “is not an easy task” and added that the city will not fire the company since they are operating correctly and have improved their management practices.

“The concessions cannot be withdrawn so easily. We are being very vigilant of the concession Siresol (Comprehensive Solid Waste Solution) has, who are in charge of supervising Pimsa and its practices, which have improved.

“They have improved and the useful life of the cell, which being extended due to the improvement of practices, but we are always going to look for better practices,” she said.

Peralta says the city has proposed the concessionaire implement practices that allow waste to be used through recycling actions that are already implemented in the municipal government in order to reduce the volume of garbage.