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Mayor of Tulum announces better budget to transform municipal police corporation

Tulum, Q.R. — The mayor of Tulum says that with a better budget, they will be able to transform the municipal police corporation. Mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal, says he held a high-level meeting with the executive secretary of the National Public Security System, Leonel Cota Montaño, in order to consolidate the transformation of the municipal police corporation.

He said the transformation will be achieved with a decent budget and a comprehensive strategy to recover peace in the municipality. The meeting came after an October shooting that killed two tourists and injured three others.

Caamal has been in office for nearly six weeks. His administration presented the budget for next year that will allow this transformation of a trained and professionalized corporation.

He detailed that changes will include certified officers, the acquisition of patrol vehicles, tactical equipment, weapons and the extension of radio communication.

“We have the challenge of restoring to millions of people the security and quality of life that the regime of the past took from them,” he said adding that the transformation will be achieved with the support of the State Secretariat and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.