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Mayor of Puerto Morelos reports complaints for irregularities and corruption filed against former administration

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — At least three complaints have been filed by the current Puerto Morelos administration against the former administration. The complaints filed are for alleged irregularities that have left City Hall with debt due to corruption.

In a City Hall press conference Thursday, mayor Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz publicized a series of alleged irregularities that she says, they inherited from the previous administration. During the conference, the mayor of Puerto Morelos said they currently have three complaints filed for acts of corruption.

“We are not going to be a cover for anyone much less those in acts of corruption,” Merari said Thursday. She said one complaint filed March 15 is for 4.2 million pesos for alleged embezzlement.

She explained in that instance, money in the amout of 4.2 million pesos were paid for projects that registered zero progress. The projects, she explained, included the paving of streets in the La Fe and Tierra Nueva neighborhoods.

The second was filed on May 4 before the Specialized Prosecutor for Combating Corruption of the FGR for Fraud of the Social Security Regimes for two years of IMSS worker payroll deductions that were not submitted to IMSS.

While leading the press conference, she said that on May 10, a third complaint was filed for Negligence in the Performance of Function or Position, Procedural Fraud, Embezzlement and use Illicit of Functions and Faculties. That too, was filed with the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in the Fight against Corruption of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

At the press conference, other current administration members including the senior officer, Irma Ávila Méndez, the municipal secretary of Works and Public Services, María de los Ángeles López Barrientos, the Legal Counsel, Yosimar Castillo Arambute, treasurer Ana Isabel Luna García and the lawyer Karim de la Rosa Peláez, explained that the previous administration also made long-term commitments that are not sustainable for Puerto Morelos.

Merari added that in addition to filing complaints against the former two-term Puerto Morelos mayor, Laura Fernández, at least three other public servants from her administration have also been named.

Laura Fernández, the former mayor of the municipality of Puerto Morelos, is one of the five candidates currently running for governor of Quintana Roo. State residents are set to vote June 5.