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Mayor announces private donation of ‘awards’ for Tulum police officers

Tulum, Q.R. — The mayor of Tulum has announced incentives in the form of awards for his municipal police force. Mayor Diego Castañón says aside from a salary increase, Tulum police officers can compete for policeman of the year, which will be awarded in December.

On Tuesday, Castañón told his officers that the first place prize will be a new apartment in Aldea Tulum. The second prize will be a new car and the third, a new motorcycle.

“Today is a very important day because the salary was increased and they deserve it. And well, I also want to announce that we are going to give an award to the policeman of the year. It will be delivered in December. It is an apartment in Aldea Tulum, for the second place it will be a car and third place a motorcycle,” he said.

Castañón explained that the awards are donations from a businessman from Monterrey, Nuevo León, specifically from the Garza Ponce Foundation, as a thank you to the police officers who have reduced homicide rates due to their work.

“It is the first time that an administration has offered such an award, this is historic,” Diego Castañón said. While the salary increases are effective before then, the three awards will be distributed in December.

“The security that has been seen after these three months that I have been in office has been very good. I want to thank everyone,” he said.

SSYPC Tulum Lieutenant Ricardo Morales Santo explained that the result of his work bears fruit with a historical private encouragement. The requirements to qualify for Tulum policeman / policewoman of the year was not announced.