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Massive fire consumes plastics factory in Nuevo León

Santa Catarina, Nuevo León — A 5,000 square meter plastics factory was reduced to ash after a massive fire Monday. Santa Catarina firemen, in the state of Nuevo León, were sent to the scene of the factory blaze in the Diamante Industrial Park.

Nuevo León Civil Protection reported that flames completely consumed the building, which belonged to the Tamcas Group. Firemen and emergency personnel arrived at the site of the intense fire where they evacuated 20 employees as well as 30 families with homes near the site in the San Pedro Private neighborhood.

There were no reports of people injured or human losses as a result of the Monday afternoon fire. According to Gilberto Almaguer, head of Civil Protection of Santa Catarina, the fire originated from a short circuit in the cargo area, which was contained, however, the structure of the factory collapsed due to the intense heat.