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Mas Tah files official legal complaint after receiving threats

Tulum, Q.R. — An official complaint has been filed against a group of Mas Tah’s political opponents. The complaint was made after Tulum’s mayor Victor Mas Tah, who is currently rerunning for his municipal position, and several members of his team, received threats.

Mas Tah has said that another political group also running for the municipal position has resorted to threats. The threats were both direct and in the form of a hand-written message aimed at himself and members of his team.

Mas Tah made the official legal complaint in front of the FGE, accompanied by his lawyer. Francisco Xiu Manzanero, a member of his campaign, also filed a complaint after his home was shot at on May 11.

Mas Tah indicated that the threat is a sign of desperation in that group to “destabilize the process to reach power at all costs, to return to power, to continue enriching in a corrupt way.”

During a press conference in Cancun, Mas Tah said “I am a man who has always conducted my work with honesty, I do not owe anyone.”

Other members of his campaign have also been subjected to intimidation, he said, adding that despite the threats, he will not request protection, but will do so for the members of his campaign team.