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Marina captures armed pair in routine Tulum inspection

Tulum, Q.R. — Elements of the Marina captured two armed men in a residential area of Tulum during a routine traffic inspection. On Monday, the pair were taken into custody after being found in possession of drugs and firearms in the Veleta neighborhood.

The arrests were the result of an operation implemented by elements of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection (SSYPC). The arrested include 37-year-old Eduard “I” and 24-year-old Emanuel “S”, both from Mexico City.

The men were taken into custody after a routine inspection on Kukulkan Avenue coming from the Veleta neighborhood. Both men were aboard a Chevrolet vehicle with State of Mexico license plates at the time of the inspection.

Inside their vehicle, military elements located 14 transparent plastic bags of marijuana, 15 translucent blue heat-sealed plastic bags containing powdered cocaine, one Taurus 9 mm caliber pistol-type firearm with a magazine stocked with 4 cartridges of the same caliber.

One Smith & Wesson rifle-type firearm caliber .223 black and khaki stock with a magazine stocked with 15 cartridges of the same caliber and four black ballistic vests, without brand.