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Man trying to dodge Tulum police filter connected to high impact crimes

Tulum, Q.R. — A man who has been connected to high impact crimes has been detained in the seaside town of Tulum. His weekend arrest took place by elements of the Construction of Peace and Security Quintana Roo.

Edgar Ramón “N” was taken into legal custody from the vehicle filter on the Tulum – Felipe Carrillo Puerto highway after being seen without a helmet and zig-zagging a motorcycle he was driving. According to a report, the now-detained attempted to out maneuver police, but was caught and apprehended after a search revealed numerous doses of a variety of narcotics.

On his person, arresting officers reported finding several varieties of cocaine products including powered and crack as well as tutsi, marijuana and pills. He was also found in possession of a loaded handgun.

Since his arrest, Edgar Ramón “N” has reportedly been connected to several high-impact crimes around the state.