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Man found dead by suicide in Cancun park rescued the week before

Cancun, Q.R. — A man found dead in a Cancun park was the same man rescued nine days before. The man, an older area resident, was found dead by suicide in a public park on Monday.

His body was seen hanging from a piece of playground equipment in Margarita Nasa park in SM 90. Neighbors called Emergency 911 who, in turn, sent police to the park. When they arrived, they found the man dead.

Responding police recognized the man as the same person who tried to take his life in the same park only nine days before. In his first attempt on January 8, neighbors surrounding the park called authorities when they saw the same man attempting to hang himself from a slide.

On that association, police responded and were assisted by staff from the Specialized Group for Attention to Intrafamily and Gender Violence who transferred the troubled man to DIF for social assistance.

Reports say it was his third suicide attempt after suffering ongoing family problems.