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Man alleged involved in shooting near Mexico City Airport arrested in Hidalgo

Tizayuca, Hidalgo — A man allegedly involved in the shooting attack on a businessman in the vicinity of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) October 15, has been arrested. Authorities arrested Jonathan N in the state of Hidalgo after ongoing investigations lead police to his home.

Police identified two vehicles that they believe participated in the October 15 shooting using city surveillance cameras.

“After the execution of three simultaneous search warrants carried out in three municipalities of Mexico City on October 17, and after analyzing evidence, members of the SSC, Navy and FGJ continued with the investigations and determined the participation of two vehicles, one of them high-end, in said attack,” the statement reads.

“After obtaining search warrants for two homes, one of them in the El Pedregal neighborhood of Tizayuca in the state of Hidalgo and the other in the Valle de Aragón Primera Section neighborhood in Nezahualcóyotl, State of Mexico, a coordinated operation was carried out.

“At the Hidalgo home, the suspect identified as Jonathan “N” , was arrested in possession of a handgun and 10 cell phones, as well as a vehicle with Guerrero state license plates.

In the second property, located in the State of Mexico, the high-end black vehicle without license plates, 130 sachets with a white powder, the content of which will be determined by the ministerial authorities, three cell phone chips, a mobile device, an electronic tablet and an empty handgun magazine were secured.”

Authorities went on to say that “according to investigations, it was learned that the detainee in the state of Hidalgo apparently belongs to a criminal group dedicated to crimes such as extortion, kidnapping, drug dealing and the collection of fees, which operates in the downtown area of Mexico City, and who possibly participated in the event of the assault by firearm against a restaurant entrepreneur.”