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Man accused of sexually assaulting nine arrested in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — A man accused of sexually assaulting nine Cancun woman has been arrested by police. The alleged rapist, Miguel Ángel N, was taken into custody Wednesday.

The Andrés Quintana Roo taxi driver has been identified by nine women as being their attacker. The attacks reportedly date back to January when woman began coming forward about being sexually assaulted by a Cancun taxi driver.

The operator of taxi 6724 of the Andrés Quintana Roo taxi union was on police radar who had released his photo days before after one of his victims reported him to Emergency 911. After that release, several other women came forward to also identify him as their attacker.

Police began their search for the taxi driver who was reported arrested at the intersection of the Tankah and Coba avenues in Cancun. Police also found a firearm.