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Mahahual mayor says sargassum strategies to start before its arrival this time

Mahahual, Q.R. — The mayor’s office of Mahahual says it will begin with the inter-institutional work of sargassum attention before the seaweed arrives. Mahahual mayor William Calderón Sánchez says a committee to define the best strategy to face the arrival of sargassum will be put into place, this time, before it arrives.

He says this year, they will not wait for the arrival of the sargassum to act, noting that seaweed is expected for the end of March. This year, he says, they will address the annual problem before then.

He explained that for the last bout of sargassum, which ended in November, Semar expanded the seaweed barrier from 600 meters to 1,200 meters for the Mahahual area, but the barriers failed to keep the seaweed away from beaches.

This year, he says, they intend to request a fund from the municipal or state authorities to address the problem, a problem that year-after-year, affects this and other beaches in the state.

He noted that both Mahahual business owners and residents are the first to get out there and deal with the washed up sargassum, adding that such efforts are often insufficient due to the amount and continued arrival of the seaweed.

He says not only does the sargassum affect the image of Mahahual, it is also an environmental contingency. For these reasons, he says, work on organization and strategies to address the problem will begin shortly.