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López Obrador tours presidential mega projects around Quintana Roo

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — During his weekend project progress tour in the southern part of the country, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also made stops in Quintana Roo.

He arrived in the state’s capital city of Chetumal late Friday and began his usual aerial and foot tours Saturday. While in Quintana Roo, he flew over the five Maya Train states.

He also stopped for a foot tour of the up-and-coming Tulum International Airport before heading to Merida Sunday. López Obrador reported that “the supervision day began in Chetumal with meetings in Tulum and Cancun before arriving in Merida.”

López Obrador tours presidential mega projects around Quintana Roo
The up-and-coming Tulum International Airport is reported to be 60 percent complete. Photo: Governor Mara Lezama August 19, 2023.

After visiting the Tulum airport with Governor Mara Lezama, she reported the airport as being 60 percent complete.

During his weekend work tour in Chetumal, Tulum and Cancun, López Obrador verified the progress of the Maya Train and also met with authorities and representatives of the companies participating in the project, he said.

ICA Mexico, the company building the Nichupté Vehicular Bridge in Cancun, reported a 30 percent advancement on its progress. “Today we share photographs of the construction of the Nichupté Vehicular Bridge, which reports an advancement of 30 percent.

Pillars are being constructed in the Cancun lagoon as seen here. Photo: ICA August 18, 2023.

“At the junction of Avenida Bonampak with Bulevard Colosio, the foundation of the structure is being laid. In the terrestrial area of the viaduct, the assembly of heads and girders is carried out while in the lagoon area, the foundation works are advancing on two work fronts,” they posted.

López Obrador did not provide official progress statistics on any of the Maya Train sections while in the state.