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López Obrador meets with President of Chile Gabriel Boric Font

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has received an official visit from the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric Font. The Chilean President arrived at the National Palace accompanied by his wife, Irina Karamanos Adrián.

AMLO, accompanied by his wife Dr. Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, welcomed his counterpart in the Patio de Honor. During the meeting, the President highlighted fraternal relationship with Chile during his visit.

López Obrador offered a press conference with Boric Font after finishing the extended bilateral meeting that they had Wednesday afternoon as part of their official meeting accompanied by the respective delegations of the governments of Mexico and Chile.

“There is a very fraternal relationship with Chile and I, in addition to sending a solidarity hug to the people of Chile, also want to congratulate them for having democratically elected Gabriel (Boric Font): young, intelligent, sensitive, humane, as the Chilean people deserve,” he said.

López Obrador recognized that the bilateral union is based on historical, cultural, political and solidarity events, which were evidenced after the coup d’état in Chile 49 years ago when people from that country were forced into exile in Mexico.

In the Pan American Hall of the National Palace, the Boric Font highlighted the ties of cooperation and friendship between the two countries in different fields.

“We work together for the greater deepening of relations between Chile and Mexico, both at a commercial, political, cultural and artistic level. (…) For us, as Chileans, Mexico is a very significant country with which, on different occasions in our history, we have experienced the value of solidarity and reciprocal learning,” he said during his official visit to Mexico.

In the message to the representatives of the media, he referred to the meeting of businessmen from the two nations saying the talks will open commercial opportunities and improve the living conditions of both peoples.

The heads of state of Chile and Mexico directed their meeting towards the revitalization of the bilateral relationship in political, educational, cultural, economic and cooperation matters.

They also discussed caring for the environment, climate change, trade and investment.

President Boric reported that the update of the understanding agreement, renewed today, had not been carried out since 2015.

There are conditions to consolidate the meeting of the Pacific Alliance, assures the president

President López Obrador maintained that there are conditions to carry out the Summit of the Pacific Alliance despite the internal political conflicts in Peru, which prevented the president of that nation, Pedro Castillo, from meeting in Mexico this week with members of the regional initiative.

“He made me a proposal to do a consultation. I agree that Gabriel (Boric Font) participate and speak with the president of Peru to find the most convenient way to meet and that it be a fruitful meeting for all the countries, the peoples of the Pacific Alliance, be productive, of course, of fraternal cooperation and that we can also decide on the form or the protocol, ” he commented.

He said that Mexico is currently temporarily chairing the Alliance, however, it is analyzing the possibilities to formally hand over to Peru the courier that corresponds to it.

“It is an institutional agreement of the State, of nations, and that it was not taken into account that the agreements, international conventions must be respected. In addition, with all due respect, I believe that it is not the way, it is not the way in which a government should behave,” he mentioned.

He said, they will wait for the results of the consultation between the countries that make up the Alliance to make a decision.

“It is a matter that has to do with our peoples and it is enough that, due to the politicking of the so-called ruling class, the peoples are affected because an alliance between countries, what is it for? To benefit each other, it is mutual aid,” he added.