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López Obrador announces luxury homes, vehicles up for auction

Mexico City, Mexico — The president of Mexico says that another auction will be held in May to sell luxury properties and government vehicles with the money going toward social programs for poor communities.

In a press conference Thursday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said there many “unknown” material goods owned by the federal government as part of its inventory including luxury properties in exclusive areas such as Las Lomas as well as ostentatious vehicles.

He explained that they will be part of the next auction organized by the Government of Mexico to obtain resources which will be used for social programs and for the poor communities of the country.

López Obrador announced that on May 26, there will be an auction of luxury vehicles, which were part of the official residence of Los Pinos.

“It has been calculated that they should fetch around 30 million peso. The money is going to be used to reinforce a drug prevention program for young people,” he said.

He added that the vehicles up for auction will be on display until May 20 in order to promote the event, noting that the auction will take place at Los Pinos. He explained that the ostentatious vehicles were a gift from the King of Jordan to Mexico.

As for the homes up for sale, “If a house is sold for 20, 30 or 40 million peso, the money will be given to the communities. We will start with the poorest municipalities in Mexico so that, with the participation of the people, the money is invested in a way that is needed such as improving a school because there are so many needs that communities have.”