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Large network of cocaine discovered along Cozumel coast

Cozumel, Q.R. — A large network of cocaine was discovered by elements of the Mexican Navy while walking along the eastern coast of the island of Cozumel.

During a routine tour, navy personnel noticed a buoy with a beacon tied to it a few meters from shore in the beach area of Punta Chiqueros. Noting how unusual a beacon was for that area, the navy called in divers who were sent out to investigate.

When divers reached the underwater site, they found a large submerged net with numerous packages trapped inside. The entire network was weighed down by a wood structure. Once brought to land, the inspected packages turned out to be cocaine. Several other loose packages were said discovered a few meters from the main site.

Navy personnel have not released an official figure of weight or the number of packages found. The buoy and beacon set-up were allegedly being used as a marked pickup location.

Members of the navy, along with elements from the National Guard and four Public Security units, were on site for the recovery and transport of the finding.