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Lack of labor extends sugarcane harvesting into June

Costa Maya, Q.R. — A a lack of labor is being blamed for the state’s delay in sugarcane harvest. Evaristo Gomez Diaz, the President of the Local Union of Cane Producers, says the harvest has been extended until June.

He says they have lost around 18 days due to rain and a lack of labor. Weather conditions, all things considering, have resulted in a good yield, however, they are without the manpower to complete the harvest on time.

Diza says normally they finish toward the end of May, but this year, they won’t be able to finish the harvest until the end of June.

He says they are still meeting their daily quota of 10,000 tons of cane, which is being delivered to the San Rafael de Pucté mill.

“I have spoken with leaders from other states around the country where sugar cane is harvested and they are badly hit by the drought, which has resulted in a decrease in their production, but we were blessed with rain, thank God,” he said.

“We are working so that no producer is left without harvesting. Perhaps the harvest that was supposed to end in May will end in June, but the commitment is to harvest all the plots and achieve the harvest goal of 1,790,000 tons ,” he explained.