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Kitchen gas leak blows out windows of Cancun home

Cancun, Q.R. — Emergency personnel responded to the 911 call of a gas explosion in a residential area of Cancun Monday. The call came after a home exploded in the residential district of Arbolada in SM 336.

Police, Civil Protection and firemen arrived at the two-story duplex on Huayacán Avenue to find the front of the home had been blown from the inside out. Second story glass patio doors had been blown out onto the street, as had the home’s main floor windows and front door.

Reports say the explosion was the result of a gas leak that occurred in the kitchen. A build up of gas caused the 11:52 a.m. scare for area neighbors. Initially, the emergency calls, made by neighbors and on-site security, included injured people, however, authorities confirmed there were no injuries, only substantial material damage.