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Judge orders nearly 54 hectares of Holbox land private, real estate development set

Holbox, Q.R. — After nearly five years in trial, a real estate project will move forward on the island of Holbox after receiving land via a judicial order. More than 53 hectares of land was handed over by the island of Holbox to a private company for real estate development.

In a statement, the government says the island of Holbox gave 53.87 hectares of ecological reserve to a private company to develop real estate projects. The land was signed over via a judicial order and through an agreement still signed by the now former Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), Víctor Manuel Toledo Manzur, to grant all rights over this land to the company.

The agreement, published September 1 in the Official Gazette of the Federation, declares the first agreement of May 2, 2016, that cedes this land of almost 54 hectares as a federal maritime-land zone, located in Isla Grande, Holbox, municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, in favor of Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Xunaan SAPI de CV, of which Carlos Álvarez de Alba is the legal representative.

The land was officially signed over after nearly five years in trial. It was in 2019, that the federal justice ruled in favor of the Monterrey businessman after the Ministry of the Interior, Chambers of Deputies and Senators, Semarnat, SCT, Turismo, Zofemat and Ambientes Costeros declared a property as public. The judge ordered the Federal Government to compensate the damage and declare it as private property.

Now that the land has been deemed private, the real estate company, Stella Holdings, is inviting investors (via their website), into the upcoming tourist development that will be built on the land.

“A world-class destination, Isla Grande de Holbox is privately owned and is ready to become the most premium tourist destination in Latin America with the most innovative concept of sustainable tourism that awaits worldwide recognition for the environmental awareness of operators and visitors,” says Stella Holdings.

The Secretariat of Ecology and Environment of Quintana Roo has made it clear that the land remains protected and that any project must adhere to strict environmental rules.

“This area is part of the polygon of the declaration of creation of the Yum Balam Flora and Fauna Protection Area published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on June 6, 1994. It is also protected by the publication of October 5, 2018, of the Management Program in force, so that any intended development will have to comply with the indicated standards.”