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Islander with ‘extensive criminal record’ captured after being locked in Cozumel house

Cozumel, Q.R. — An island man with a long history of home invasions and extortion has been arrested in Cozumel. Cozumel Police say Enrique “B” was arrested after they became aware of a chat room report of a home robbery.

The robbery happened at a house on 5th Street South in the Centro neighborhood. While the two men were inside the home, the owner arrived, surprising them.

With the fast help of neighbors, they were able to close the home’s gate, locking the thieves inside. Police arrived to find the two men still inside the house.

“One of the insured named Enrique. A. F. B. alias “EL BURGOS”, a subject who has an extensive criminal record for burglary, home invasion and extortion, and who, according to the videos provided by the neighbors, used Miguel C.H., who has a visual disability, as an alibi,” Cozumel Police reported in a statement.

Cozumel Police also said that through the same chat, a video was released just before showing “El Burgos” smashing the glass of a truck to steal from the interior.

“When the elements arrived at the home in the central neighborhood where the robbery report was made, they found those identified inside the home trapped without being able to escape, so they proceeded to interview them and carry out the pertinent inspection. They were secured and transferred to the Security facilities,” police explained.