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Isla Mujeres sea turtle rescued after becoming lodged between rocks

Isla Mujeres. Q.R. — Personnel from Civil Protection responded to the emergency call for help after a group found an adult sea turtle stuck among rocks. The turtle, which is believed to have been a female who arrived to lay eggs in nearby sand, became lodged in between sharp rocks when trying to return to the sea.

Three members of Civil Protection arrived to the reported area Wednesday afternoon to find the large turtle immobilized and in need of help. Desperately flapping her flippers, the three men took several minutes to dislodge her from between two large rocks.

They were successful in repositioning the turtle so she could make her way into the sea. With a little additional effort from the men, she found water and was able to swim away. The director of Civil Protection of Isla Mujeres Merced Ortiz Maya, said that after the report, the emergency was dealt with since the turtle had apparently been trapped for several hours between the rocks.