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Isla Mujeres increases garbage removal to 100 tons per day

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The mayor of Isla Mujeres says they are increasing their efforts to remove garbage from the island in an attempt to create an environmentally friendly municipality.

Isla Mujeres mayor Juan Carrillo Soberanis, made the comment during a tour of the gondolas being used to transport solid waste from the island to the landfill located in the Continental Zone of the municipality.

The island mayor stressed that cleaning has increased so that the town is in optimal condition for the upcoming summer holiday season, ensuring both residents and visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the streets and clean avenues as well as sargasso-free beaches.

“We do very well in tourism. More and more visitors come to Isla Mujeres and that is thanks to the great work of all. So far this year, tourism has increased 14 percent in comparison to last year,” highlighted Carrillo Soberanis.

During his tour the mayor explained “We are here intensifying the cleaning of the transfer unit and in coming days, we will have the whole area cleaned up. We have new gondolas that will help us to take out the garbage that arrives more quickly. With them, we can make more trips and get more tons of waste from the island.

“On the other hand, it is also important that they help us from home by separating garbage into organic and inorganic because that speeds up the processes,” he noted.

The director of Municipal Public Services, Pablo Jesus Moreno Povedano, announced that they intend to move between 100 and 110 tons of waste daily by sea to the landfill of the Continental Zone.

The director pointed out that in the holiday season, garbage increases considerably, so it is a priority to double efforts and maintain a good waste management system by making the daily collection at the established times.

“For the island government, it is very important that we continue being a green island, that we do not throw garbage in the streets and that helps us to keep our municipality in good condition,” he concluded.