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Isla Mujeres fishermen reel in 90 kilo catch of the day

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — A group of island fishermen have a big fish story to tell that is actually real. On Thursday, the group of four had spent the day sea fishing but without any luck.

After deciding to call it a day, they began to pack up to head back to the island when they noticed a pull on the line. Local fisherman, Luis Villanueva, said they were about four nautical miles from land when their luck changed.

“It was a stroke of luck,” he said when detailing the 90-kilo catch. As they were getting ready to head back, “the line began to pull and pull with great force.”

They eventually reeled in their hooked catch, which turned out to be a Cherna or Red Grouper. The island native said when they docked, they learned the fish weighed more than 90 kilos.

Villanueva said he felt blessed by their catch of the day since the fishing sector has been going through a dry spell.