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Investigation begins after allegations of corruption inside Cancun Traffic Directorate

Cancun, Q.R. — A Transit officer who reported internal corruption through a video has the city of Cancun investigating. On Wednesday, Cancun Mayor Ana Patricia Peralta de la Peña announced the start of an investigation into the accusations of the officer who says his commander demands 800 peso per day from each officer.

In his video, he says “Good morning, my name is José “V” (the full names have been withheld), an active member of the Municipal Traffic Police. At this moment, I am making a call to the mayor Ana Paty (Peralta), as well as to the governor and I want this video to reach the president of the republic to know that Mr. Filadelfo “C” demands quotas of 800 pesos per element. Anyone who does not make the quota is punished by being sent to work the resurfacing of Luis Donaldo Colosio,” he claimed.

After the release of the video, Peralta de la Peña reported that “an arduous investigation has been initiated within the Traffic Directorate to guarantee the labor welfare of the officers and eradicate corruption.

“There will be no tolerance with any officer who is found to have bad practices inside and outside the institution, which violate citizenship or the elements themselves.

“Anyone who commits an offense, regardless of their position, will be sanctioned as established by the laws and statutes that govern the corporation,” she was reported as saying.