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INM reports 105 officers being investigated for “improper conduct”

Mexico City, Mexico — The National Migration Institute (INM) has reported that 105 officers are being investigated for alleged “improper conduct.” On Thursday, the agency said that 105 of its agents were reported to its internal control office to be investigated for alleged “ improper conduct ” in 2021.

The immigration agency did not clarify how many of these complaints were for acts of corruption, nor how many gave rise to sanctions or accusations before the ordinary justice system.

However, in the statement they did offer a sample of corruption, citing a January 6 incident in Mexico City when a group of Venezuelans landed at the Mexico City airport with minors in their arms. When they reached the immigration control post and handed over their passports, there was a $100 bill in each of them that the Venezuelans said they had there by mistake.

In that particular case, since the migrants lacked the documentation required to enter Mexico, they were returned to their country. However, that is not always the case since during 2021, INM says 105 immigration officers were reported for “improper conduct”.