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INM frees 22 migrants kidnapped for their own ransom

Mexico City, Mexico — A total of 22 migrants that were being held for their own ransom were freed by INM officials in Mexico City. The National Migration Institute (INM) reported the rescue of 22 migrants who were kidnapped and being held in a building.

INM reported that their captors were demanding $2,500 USD or around 50,000 peso from each person in order for them to be released. Authorities were tipped off regarding the kidnapping by an anonymous call.

When inspecting the building detailed by the caller, authorities found 12 minors and 10 adults being held against their will. INM learned of the $2,500 fee by the captors from one of the freed victims.

The anonymous call was made by an area resident who notice a “robust man” entering a building, which they believed was a safe house, in Colonia Merced Balbuena at 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to drop off food and water.

Authorities did not confirm any arrests during the freeing of the 22 kidnapped migrants.