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Injured tapir rescued after being shot by poachers

Francisco Uh May, Q.R. — A female tapir that had been shot by poachers was rescued in the community of Francisco Uh May and taken to a recovery facility in the Maya Zone in the south of the state.

The rescue was made by head of Civil Protection Luis Pérez Maldonado, after receiving the Emergency 911 call about the wounded animal. With the help of villagers, he located the tapir who was found suffering from a gunshot wound by poachers.

The 280-kilo female was moved into a waiting trailer and transferred for medical attention. She remains under the protection of Civil Protection personnel who point out that the tapir is considered an endangered species and is protected in Mexico.

Pérez Maldonado pointed out that the Federal Office of Environmental Protection is in charge of taking care of the case and transferring the animal to a center in Riviera Maya where it will receive specialized attention.

After her recovery, she will be reintegrated back into the wild.