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Hong Kong Customs seize 1.1 tons of solid methamphetamine arriving from Mexico as sea shells

Mexico City, Mexico — Hong Kong Customs has reported finding its largest-ever solid methamphetamine bust which arrived from Mexico. On October 26, Hong Kong Customs intercepted a large-scale shipment of methamphetamine in the shape of sea shells.

In a press release, the agency reported on October 26, Hong Kong Customs detected a large-scale suspected solid methamphetamine trafficking case. During their inspection, they seized about 1.1 tonnes of suspected methamphetamine with an estimated market value of about $640 million at the Kwai Chung Customhouse Cargo Examination Compound.

Three men and a woman suspected to be connected with the case were arrested. This is the largest-ever solid methamphetamine case detected by Customs.

Through risk assessment, Customs on that day selected a seaborne container declared as carrying 611 sacks of seafood and arriving in Hong Kong from Mexico, for inspection.

The solid drug was disguised as seashells. Photo: Customs and Excise Department HKSAR. October 26, 2023.

Upon examination, a batch of suspected methamphetamine, which was camouflaged as seashells and mix-loaded with genuine ones, was found inside 104 nylon bags. The batch of suspected methamphetamine weighed about 1.1 tonnes in total.

Upon a follow-up investigation, Customs officers arrested a 60-year-old male driver and a 54-year-old man-in-charge of a warehouse on the same day, and further arrested a 46-year-old woman-in-charge of a logistics company and a 27-year-old unemployed man the next day (October 27) and November 4 respectively.

An investigation is ongoing.