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Holistic centre in Bacalar reopens amid investigation

Bacalar, Q.R. — The Akalki Holistic Centre in Bacalar reopened its doors after being shut for nine days due to an ongoing investigation. The hotel was granted permission to reopen after making the request late last week.

In their request, the hotel stressed their innocence regarding the allegations made by guests toward a man, Ricardo N, who offered healing retreats there. The hotel made it clear that Ricardo N was not a hotel staff member, but someone to whom they rented space.

Earlier this month, members of the FGE arrived at the Akalki Holestic Centre after allegations of sexual abuse by previous clients. During that time, the hotel was shut, however, they have since been granted permission to reopen.

The FGE is continuing its case with the allegations made against Ricardo N. However during an interview with SIPSE, Quintana Roo Prosecutor Oscar Montes de Oca pointed out that there have not been any formal complaints made against Ricardo N for sexual abuse. He says that “we only have one complaint, but it is for events that happened in Cancun. They are from a former worker for a particular event.”