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Bacalar hotel asks to reopen after separating itself from allegations of sexual abuse

Bacalar, Q.R. — In a statement, the Hotel Akalki in Bacalar has separated itself from recent allegations of sexual abuse and has requested authorization to reopen. The hotel, which was shut by officials earlier this month, remains closed after allegations of sexual abuse by one of its “healers”, Ricardo N.

The allegations have been made by several of the hotel’s clients who claim spiritual coach Ricardo N, who offered self-healing retreats, committed sexual abuse. After the accusations which caused the retreat to be shut, Hotel Akalki launched a statement where it is demarcated from the actions of the spiritual coach.

The hotel affirmed that the relationship with Ricardo N “was of a purely contractual nature”, since they rent their facilities for various activities related to well-being, teaching and learning.

The same statement indicates that the hotel stands in solidarity with the victims of the accused, adding that they have been cooperating with authorities to enforce the law. They are also requesting to null the relationship with the accused and the illegal activities of those involved in order to reopen.

The hotel says that hundreds of families depend directly and indirectly on the hotel for work.

“Thus, since in the holistic center we do not have any link with Ricardo Ponce and on the other hand we do have responsibilities and commitments with those who work in the hotel and the various communities, we ask to authorize the reopening of the facilities,” they said in their statement.