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Bacalar holistic centre searched and seized after human trafficking accusations

Bacalar, Q.R. — Investigative Police from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) carried out a full search of a holistic centre in Bacalar Wednesday. The search occurred after complaints were made, accusing the centre’s spiritual coach, Ricardo N, of sexual abuse.

On Wednesday morning, police arrived at the Akalki Holistic Centre in Bacalar after a judge issued a search warrant where spiritual coach Ricardo N offered self-healing retreats. According to the complaints, Ricardo N of Cancun is accused of sexual abuse and operating a human trafficking network from the center.

Upon their 8:30 arrival, police proceeded to evict clients from inside the centre before later evicting the centre’s 10 workers that live onsite. According to local media reports, the search was part of an investigation of eight complaints against the centre, all of which, were for sexual crimes.

The search warrant issued by the judge was for the crime of human trafficking. Police were on site for approximately four hours before they proceeded to secure and seize the property.

In a media interview, Yareni Courtenay, in charge of the Akalki Holistic Center of Bacalar, separated herself from any activity carried out by the lecturer and maintained that they only work to provide lodging and food services to guests.

“We are totally oblivious to the events that take place here,” she said during her brief interview.