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Holbox to turn open-air dumping site into ecopark

Holbox, Q.R. — After the announcement of the cleaning of an open-air garbage site, the mayor of Holbox says the now-cleaned land will be turned into an ecological park.

Holbox Mayor Nivardo Mena Villanueva, reported that his city council will allocate the land to create an ecological park on that site, which he says, he hopes will compensate for the damage generated over the years.

Mena Villanueva explained that they are planning the ecopark on a two-hectare area of land that was called an island garbage transfer site. He says the site had accumulated more than 70,000 tons of solid waste which, in addition to generating pollution, generated a bad image for the island.

He said the garbage from the site was incinerated with a novel system known as “thermovaluation”, which he added, does not emit odors or fumes that pollute the environment.

Mena Villanueva said that from now on, the more than three tons of garbage generated daily on the island will be subject to a rigorous recycling process to reuse what is possible to avoid another open dump.