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Heineken building 8.7 billion Yucatan plant to meet Mexico demand

Kanasín, Yucatan — Heineken Mexico has announced a new brewery plant planned for construction in Kanasín, Yucatan. The beer making company says their new plant will cost more than 8 billion pesos.

The announcement was made Thursday by several Yucatan dignitaries. “The Secretary of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro along with the Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal and the General Director of Heineken Mexico, Guillaume Duverdier, announced an investment of more than 8 billion pesos in a new beer plant that will be installed in Kanasín, Yucatan,” the Secretaría de Economía del Gobierno de México reported.

In their public statement, they said “this is a result of the confidence of the business sector and the favorable economic environment of Mexico. These types of investments, which are promoted from Gobierno Mexico to the south-southeast, promote the generation of well-paid jobs, protect the environment and strengthen supply chains in the region. Relocation is now a reality!”

Heineken Mexico will invest 8.7 billion pesos in the new Yucatan brewery. The new plant will create more than 2,000 direct and indirect jobs. It will be their first plant in the southeast and will be “a world-class brewery that seeks to expand its sustainable practices and promote community development,” reported Guillaume Duverdier.

“This new brewery will strengthen the value chain and operational integration of Heineken Mexico in the region which will allow us to supply the growing demand in the southeast of the country and thus take advantage of the road, rail and port connectivity that this region offers,” he explained.

The new plant will create around 2,000 jobs. Photo: Economía México September 14, 2023.

The new brewery will contemplate practices that guarantee water efficiency through water treatment systems, minimal waste generation in production and the use of renewable energy, through state-of-the-art processes, equipment and technology.

“This important investment aligns with our sustainability strategy, delivering a better world. We are ready to join the development of Yucatán and provide a world-class brewery,” Duverdier said.

Heineken Mexico is planning operations to begin in 2026, with the production of emblematic brands such as: Amstel Ultra®️, Superior®️, Tecate®️, Sol®️, Dos Equis®️, Bohemia®️, Indio®️ and Carta Blanca®️.

Heineken Mexico currently employs more than 18,000 people in its seven breweries and one malting plant.