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Group of armed hooded men make off with ATM cash box from inside Cancun convenience store

Cancun, Q.R. — A group of hooded subjects managed a clean get away after stealing a cash box from an ATM. The machine was located inside a convenience store in Residencial Santa Fe of Cancun.

Police were sent to the Río Niágara Street location after receiving the report around 4:00 a.m. They arrived to what remained of a smashed bank machine laying on the floor. The cash box that contained the money from inside the Scotiabank machine was gone.

Employees from inside the store told police five hooded men arrived and threatened them before they started to smash the machine. They were successful in retrieving the cash box from inside the bank machine. The amount of cash inside the ATM’s box is not known.

Police are using the store’s security cameras to help in their investigation.