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Group attempts Heineken heist at Cancun brewery

Cancun, Q.R. — Employees of the Heineken brewery in Cancun were quick to sound the alarm after a group of armed men attempted to storm the building.

The incident happened in Region 97 in the industrial zone of Cancun Thursday morning when, according to preliminary reports, a group of armed people outfitted with orange work vests entered the premises.

Authorities say employees managed to activate the emergency alarm, requesting support for an attempted robbery.

Employees said that the men entered the building, tied them and robbed them of their wallets and phones while threatening them with guns, however, employees tripped the alarm which caused the group to flee.

Municipal police, ministerial agents and paramedics arrived at the brewery. Aside from rattled nerves, there were no reported injuries.

Since the incident, police say they have located a vehicle believed used in the attempted heist. The vehicle was found in Region 100 of Cancun with the engine still hot, matching the vehicle seen on brewery surveillance cameras.

Police say it was the likely get-away vehicle. They also clarified that the thieves were a group of eight, not 20 people, as has been reported in other media.