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Group arrested for possession involved in home and car robberies around Cancun

Cancun, Q. R. — A group of five picked up on drug possession are being investigated for home and vehicle robberies. On Friday, Oscar Amador “N”, Alexis “N”, Brenda Viviana “N”, Maricela “N” and Ixchel Ameyali “N” were arrested on drug charges, however, authorities say they are likely responsible for a string of Cancun home robberies.

The three women and two men were detained from a vehicle while traveling on Colosio Boulevard. In their possession, police located various bags of marijuana and crystal meth.

Since their arrests, police have learned that the group participated in planned high-end robberies including homes and vehicles.

“The way this gang operated was by renting houses close to the one they intended to rob, as well as leasing vehicles, to which they made slight modifications in order to evade the action of justice,” the State Attorney detailed in a statement.