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Governor condemns criminal shootout that killed two Tulum tourists

Tulum, Q.R. — The Governor of Quintana Roo has condemned the Tulum attack that left two tourists dead. Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez condemned the violence that took place between criminal groups Wednesday night.

“A case like this hits us, but it doesn’t leave us lying down,” he said. “We will continue to improve security schemes and increase surveillance,” he added.

On Thursday, the governor issued instructions to strengthen coordination with the armed forces, the National Guard and the Ministry of Security and Public (SSP) with municipal police.

“All police forces must unite to put a stop to these situations. We must pay more attention and exercise more coordinated work with the support of technology,” he stated.

Both Governor Carlos Joaquín González and Tulum Mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal expressed their willingness to work together to maintain the safety of citizens and tourists and avoid new episodes of violence in the municipality.

Marciano Duzl said that the “outrageous events” that happened Wednesday, took place in a context in which the new municipal government began to solve the public safety problems at its root.

He admitted having received a police force full of anomalies due to old privileges and underhanded vices that were tolerated during the last administration.

Governor Carlos Joaquín González stressed the importance of ensuring the security of the Mexican Caribbean, because failure to do so would put the destination at risk.

According to Joaquin, there is a willingness on the part of the new municipal authorities of Tulum to work to avoid situations like the one that happened Wednesday night.

Joaquin clarified that the objective is to ensure security in all the municipalities, but in the specific case of Tulum, he said that the town is experiencing accelerated growth, which has generated some social problems such as irregular settlements and issues with drug dealing.