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Governor announces new fire station for island of Holbox

Holbox, Q.R. — A day after a massive fire consumed two hotels and one restaurant, the island of Holbox will have its own fire house. After another fire consumed Holbox businesses, state governor Mara Lezama says a fire station will be built.

The announcement was made after an emergency plan meeting was held after the latest island fire destroyed at least three island businesses. During the meeting, it was agreed that a fire station would finally be constructed on the island.

Goveror Lezama toured the charred area after the fire. She said police capacity will also be increased and a family medicine clinic will be set up in addition to improving public services in general.

“As part of the New Agreement, the three orders of government, businessmen and society will work together to build a fire station on the island, prepare a risk map, train citizens and tourist workers, have an aquatic ambulance, increase police capacity, set up a family medicine office and improve public services.

“Our commitment is to guarantee the integrity and well-being of Quintana Roo and our visitors,” she said during the announcement.

On Monday night, a fire that began in one hotel quickly spread to another. Elements of the National Guard, army, navy and Civil Protection arrived to help, while trucks from the mainland municipalities of Lázaro Cárdenas, Cancun (Benito Juarez) and Solidaridad were sent to put out the mass blaze.

Island residents tried to extinguish the fast moving fire with buckets of water, however, they were no match for the dry wood and grass palapa roof tops.

“We must applaud and congratulate the islanders who worked and acted immediately,” said the governor regarding their efforts.

Numerous tourists lost their passports due to the fire, however, at least one hotel guest utilized the in-room safety deposit box. The box was eventually retrieved from the remains of the room and its contents returned undamaged to its owner.

“We continue to count the damage caused by the fire in Holbox. Our commitment is to help citizens and tourists to recover their belongings and provide care to those who lost their documents,” Lezama stated.

Lezama said personnel from the Ministry of Foreign affairs traveled to the island to offer support to the tourists who were affected by the Holbox fire.

The cause of the fire remains undetermined.

In July of this year, another hotel on the island of Holbox burned after a fire started in the kitchen and quickly spread to the palapa.