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Holbox beach hotel burns after kitchen fire spreads to palapa roof

Holbox, Q.R. — A massive palapa fire has destroyed a large section of a hotel on the island of Holbox. The fire happened Wednesday morning at the Amaité Beach Hotel. The typical Caribbean style hotel was outfitted with a palapa rooftop, which quickly caught fire after a kitchen incident.

Aerial video of the burning building shows the entire top of the hotel engulfed in flames that spread quickly due to wind gusts. According to preliminary information, hotel staff attempted to control the fire once it started, which is believed to have been in the kitchen, but they were not successful.

Alfredo Suárez Camacho, the General Director of Coordinación Estatal de Protección Civil (Coeproc), reported through social networks that 85 people were evacuated and that the fire reached the palapa of the restaurant and eight rooms.

“It is reported that around 85 people were evacuated. There are no injuries or deaths. Due to the performance of firefighter Commander Alejandro Erosa, who activated two pumps and water lines, was able to attack the fire and cool the attached facility without collateral damage,” he posted on social media.

Authorities continue to sift through the waterlogged hotel to determine the official cause of the fire.