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Geavig officers from around the state begin specialized training

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Specialized Geavig officers from around the state are undergoing a 16-session training course. “As part of the actions to eradicate violence in our state, this training is implemented for all municipalities in response to violence in the population,” the SSC said in a statement.

Dozens of Geavig officers, a specially trained Group for Attention to Family and Gender Violence officers, started the training Monday. The training is being extended to all Geavig officers across all 11 municipalities.

The SSC (Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana) of Quintana Roo reported “police officers from GEAVIG participate in the strengthening, updating, coordination and specialization courses taught by the Secretary of Citizen Security to improve care for victims and their families.”

This training is for members of the specialized violence attention groups in order to develop skills and knowledge in timely response to calls for help, as well as to reinforce their knowledge.

The head of the SSC, Captain Julio César Gómez Torres, says he will continue to work hard to have a trained and professional corporation to provide optimal service to citizen demands.

“Family and gender violence is a problem that occurs at home, at school, at work or in environments where one should be safe, seriously affecting our society. That is why it is important to raise awareness, raise awareness and professionalize the people who care for and work on this problem, to identify, prevent and address this scourge that lacerates the most defenseless,” he said.

Ms. María Hadad Castillo, the General Director of the Quintana Roo Women’s Institute, emphasized that “the workshops seek to generate agents of change in the areas of citizen security and improve police action in situations of family and gender violence (…) this work is 24/7 in favor of Quintana Roo.

The Geavig (Grupo Especializado en Atención a la Violencia Familiar y de Género) group of officers will complete the training couses in November.

Their courses include basic concepts of victimology, inclusive language and with a gender perspective, human rights of women, girls, boys and adolescents, legal framework of police action in matters of gender, gender violence against women and victims’ rights, tools for detecting violence and actions and routes of care and channeling in situations of violence.

They will also be taught action of the first responder with a gender perspective, police action for care in cases of family violence and gender, action and policing in cases of feminicide, level of risk, protection measures and security plan, crime prevention in police action, principles and duties of action of police authorities in the face of gender violence, differential police attention, crisis intervention and the BANAVIN and BAESVIM workshop.

According to Adela Jiménez Izquierdo, the Director of the Geavig Cancun, they have dealt with 18,000 reports of abuse of children, abandonment, neglect, violence against women and sexual abuse from January to August of this year.