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Four-year-old Cancun boy with burns transferred into protective custody

Cancun, Q.R. — A four-year-old boy with a history of abandonment and mistreatment has been transferred into protective custody. On Tuesday, state authorities from GEAVIG responded to the call of the injured minor after a woman found him with burns on the soles of his feet.

Police arrived at a house in Region 229 after a woman called saying another woman, who was supposedly the child’s caretaker, left him with her. The unidentified woman who said she was not the boy’s mother but was in charge of his care, left him with a neighboring family.

Police were called when the family noticed the burns on the bottom of the boy’s feet. Agents from the Group Specialized in Attention to Family and Gender Violence (GEAVIG), as well as DIF, arrived to verify burn blisters on his feet.

The 4-year-old boy was transferred into protective care. An investigation is underway by agents from Crimes Committed against Children and Adolescents unit.